4 of the Best Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids4 of the Best Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids

With over-the-counter hearing aids recently becoming available, you may be considering making OTC devices available at your practice—or you might have already decided that you would like to offer these OTC options to your patients. Just as customers have to choose hearing aids to purchase, you have to choose hearing aids to carry at your practice. Below are a few of the best over-the-counter hearing aids currently available that you may want to consider adding to your patients’ purchase options.

Lively 2 Plus and Pro: Best for customers new to hearing aids

If you have a patient who is getting their first pair of hearing aids, Lively 2 Plus and Pro are good over-the-counter choices to recommend. That is thanks to the following features:

Multiple sound modes, including situational sound modes
Bluetooth streaming capabilities
An intuitive app
Easy to set up, customize, and use
Relatively affordable
A three-year warranty and three years of included follow-up care

The Lively 2 Plus and Pro hearing aids offer some earbud-like functionality. While the body rests behind the ear, testers who wore glasses were able to comfortably wear both the hearing aids and their glasses. The main difference between the Plus and Pro models is that the Pro version adds the ability to transmit your voice when you take phone calls.

Eargo 6: Best for customers who dislike behind-the-ear hearing aids

As you have experienced when recommending prescription hearing aids for your patients, some people simply don’t like the behind-the-ear style. This may be especially true for those who wear glasses. A good over-the-counter option for these customers is the Eargo 6. These hearing aids feature:

Small size that fits completely within the ear, so they are nearly invisible and do not interfere with glasses
Situational sound profiles
Waterproofing, which is helpful for active people
45-day return policy and two-year warranty
Lifetime access to support and unlimited adjustments by hearing professionals
Do not obstruct the ear canal, so you can still hear outside sounds and have airflow

Eargo 6 hearing aids do not offer the ability to stream music or calls.

Tweak Enhance: Best PSAP for occasional hearing augmentation

Please note that the Tweak Enhance is currently considered a personal sound amplification product (PSAP), but it is similar to traditional behind-the-ear hearing aids in its design and technology. Some benefits of the Tweak Enhance include:

An affordable option for people on a budget
The app offers useful hearing customization
Smartphone use is only required for setup, making this a good choice for those with limited access to a smartphone
Amplification and situational sound settings
30-day money-back guarantee and six-month warranty, with a two-year extended warranty available for purchase
Option to purchase one or a pair

The Tweak Enhance does not offer streaming for music or calls, and you do not receive the assistance of a hearing specialist during setup. This option is best for people who need only occasional sound amplification and are looking for an affordable device.

Jabra Enhance Plus: Best for customers who want earbud-style hearing aids compatible with iOS

For customers who want something similar to wireless earbuds that can accommodate hearing loss and occasionally serve to augment sound, the Jabra Enhance Plus hearing aids are an excellent choice. They include the following features:

Modern earbud-like design
High-quality built-in microphones
Dust and water resistance to handle light rain or sweat
45-day refund period and one-year warranty
More affordable than most hearing aids

Because of their earbud-like design, the Jabra Enhance Plus hearing aids do not allow natural sound into the ears. However, they are excellent for streaming music and calls. The Jabra Enhance Plus currently only works with an app that is exclusive to iOS, so customers who do not have an Apple device should not purchase these hearing aids.

These four devices are a good place to start in offering over-the-counter hearing aids to your customers. They also give you an idea of features to look for in OTC devices and what customers might be looking for as well. To learn more about adding OTC hearing aids to your practice, we welcome you to contact us today at AudiologyPlus.

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