How to Market Your Business While Preparing for a RecessionHow to Market Your Business While Preparing for a Recession

Everyone is talking about an upcoming recession. The past few years have been difficult for many businesses, and it seems there is no break coming soon. Here are some simple yet effective ways to help you prepare for a recession and keep your business growing.

Be consistent with content.

You have probably heard the phrase “Content is king,” but if you are not producing content, it certainly isn’t! Content needs to be consistent in order for it to work. The first step is to create a plan for your content and social media. This does not need to be complicated—it can be as simple as a plan to post a blog post once a week and to post on social media once a day. What really matters is that you stick to your plan and remain consistent.

Today’s online world is full of voices competing for consumers’ eyes and ears. If you are not consistent with your content and social media, your customers will lose focus and drift away to other businesses and experts who are creating content. You don’t need to post something earth-shattering every time you post. You simply need to stay consistent so your customers can count on you.

Try live-streamed events and podcasts.

In addition to being consistent, try some new forms of content like live-streamed events and podcasts. According to Statista, online videos had an audience reach of 92 percent among internet users worldwide in 2021. If you are not creating videos, you are missing out!

In the past few years, live-streamed events have become one of the most popular ways to share content. Try using this type of event to offer product demos, interview happy customers, or showcase some of the services you offer. (For example, people seem to be interested in topics like ear wax removal.)

Podcasts are also finding huge audiences right now. Interview experts, answer FAQs, talk to customers, or engage your audience in a live conversation. There are free podcast platforms that make it easy to get a podcast up and running.

Feature happy customer stories.

You care about your patients and your work. And because you do, you have happy customers! Many of your satisfied customers would be happy to provide you with a testimonial or interview—all you have to do is ask. A happy customer can be a good source of content for a live-streamed event, a podcast, a video, or a blog article.

Furthermore, make sure you are asking your patients to refer others to you. One of the top reasons people do not refer people to a business is because they were never asked to. After a good appointment with a patient, do not be afraid to encourage them to consider whether any of their family or friends would benefit from your services. You may want to offer a referral bonus as well to give customers a little extra nudge to refer new patients to your practice.

With these three simple steps, you can help prepare your business for a recession. To learn more about how to effectively market your business, we welcome you to contact us today at Audiology Plus.

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